Arizona Traditions Pickleball Club

‚ÄčEach individual participant must date, sign and send this waiver in with the Membership Application Form!

As a participant on the Arizona Traditions pickleball courts, I agree to legally waive, release, and discharge any claims for damages for personal injury, death or property which I may have or which may accrue to me as a result of participation in any activity associated with the Arizona Traditions Pickleball Club. This release is intended to discharge in advance the Governing Board of the Arizona Traditions Homeowners Association (individually or as a group) and/or individual association or club members from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my participation with the Arizona Traditions Pickleball Club, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the entities or parties named above. It is understood that activities associated with the Club involved an element of risk and danger of accidents, and knowing those risks. It is further agreed that this waiver, release, and assumptions of risk is to be binding on my heirs, successors and assigns. Further, I agree to indemnify and hold the above persons or entities harmless from any loss, liability, danger that I may sustain while participating in any and/or all Arizona Pickleball activities.

Please sign and date.

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Signature:     ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date:            ____________________________

Contact in case of an emergency:

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Relationship: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________


When softball is playing, there is a warning horn that is sounded to alert pickleball players of a possible softball hit into the courts.  Upon hearing this shrill, high pitched noise, immediately cover your head with your paddle and /or seek cover under the overhang at the softball field ends of courts 1-4.

Thank You. AZT Pickleball Club.

Liability Waiver