​​​​The AZT Pickleball Club has been organized to provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for all AZT residents (owners & renters) and their guests. Our 6 dedicated courts are located just East of the Neighborhood Center at the corner of Spencer Drive and the Traditions Loop Road West close to neighboring homes.

In an effort to reduce the noise associated with pickleball and to be considerate to our neighbors residing close to the courts we ask that you play with a paddle that is on the list used by several other communities. Paddles listed under the GREEN PADDLES are recommended. We strongly suggest all of our club members use paddles on the green list.

Aero Paddles Swift
Aero Paddles Swift 2.0
Amazin' Aces Quality Sporting Goods Graphite
Amazin' Aces AA Pro Series Cambria
Athlete Ratings Play Hard
Darin's Pickleball Paddle Pro Shop
Dink Sports Black and Blue
Eastport Pickleball Champion
Engage Pickleball Elite Pro
Engage Pickleball Encore
Engage Pickleball Encore Blade
Engage Pickleball Encore Lite
Engage Pickleball Encore Pro
Engage Pickleball Encore X Series
Engage Pickleball Guardian
Engage Pickleball Guardian II
Engage Pickleball Mystic
Engage Pickleball Pulse
Engage Pickleball Spartan
Engage Pickleball Tear Drop
Engage Pickleball Ultimate
Engage Pickleball Ultimate
Engage Pickleball Ultra
Gamma Proton
Gamma Razor

Gamma Twister
Head Extreme Pro
Head Extreme Pro L
Head Extreme Tour
Head Radical Elite
Head Radical Pro
Head Radical Tour
Laser Sport Products 1402 (Wood)
Laser Sport Products 1403 (Wood)
Laser Sport Products 1404 (Wood)
Manta Cylon
Manta Extreme
Manta Matrix
Manta Tornado F5 Edgeless (GGG) Poly Core
Onix Sports Attitude
Onix Sports Evoke Graphite
Onix Sports Evoke Oval
Onix Sports Evoke Pro
Onix Sports Evoke Square
Onix Sports Graphite Phantom Widebody
Onix Sports Graphite Zen
Onix Sports React
Onix Sports Signature
Onix Sports Summit

Onix Sports Voyager
Onix Sports Wood
Onix Sports Z5 Widebody Graphite
Onix Sports/S-Type Core 2 Graphite
Onix Sports/S-Type Slammer Graphite
Onix Sports/S-Type Z5 Widebody
PaddleBoardZ Tracker
Paddletek Bantam EX-L
Paddletek Element
Paddletek Phoenix Pro
Paddletek Power Pro Play
Paddletek Stratus
Paddletek Sweet Spot
Paddletek Tempest
Paddletek Ultra Sweet Spot
Paddletek Ultra Warp 9
Pickle-Ball Inc. Attack (Graphite - Aluminum)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Attack 2.0
Pickle-Ball Inc. Elite (Graphite - Aluminum)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Elite Finesse
Pickle-Ball Inc. Elite Power
Pickle-Ball Inc. Elite Skill
Pickle-Ball Inc. Venom
Pickleball Now Classic Lite (edgeless, discontinued)
Pickleball Now Classic Metalite
Pickleball Now Club (wood)

Pickleball Now Force Classic
Pickleball Now PN2000
Pickleball Now The Edge
Pickleball Now The Force Metalite
Pickleball Now Whomper
Pickleball Now XL Lite
PicklePaddles Plus Hyper Wide
PicklePaddles Plus Nexus Alloy
PicklePro Barricade
POP Aluminum AMHC
POP ATHC Aluminum Tear Drop Honeycomb
Pro-Lite Sports Apex Power
Pro-Lite Sports Crush Power Spin
Pro-Lite Sports Enforcer Graphite
Pro-Lite Sports Groove
Pro-Lite Sports Magnum XP
Pro-Lite Sports Power
Pro-Lite Sports Rebel Power Spin
Pro-Lite Sports Rocket XL
Pro-Lite Sports Rockstar
Pro-Lite Sports Supernova Black Diamond Series Pro
Pro-Lite Sports Titan
Selkirk Sport 200PXL
Selkirk Sport 300AXL

Selkirk Sport EPIC 20PXL Composite
Selkirk Sport Epic 30PXL Graphite
Selkirk Sport Maxima 21P MXO
Selkirk Sport Neo
Selkirk Sport Omni
Selkirk Sport Pro S1C
Selkirk Sport Pro S1C+
Selkirk Sport Pro S1G
Selkirk Sport Pro S1G+
Topp Reacher
Topp XJ-900
Wilson Champ
Wilson Surge
ZZT Carbon Fiber Weave
ZZT Contour Thin (lite)
ZZT EVO Classic-Q
ZZT EVO II Vinyl Cover
ZZT Fuzion
ZZT Fuzion Pro
ZZT Graphic
ZZT Original

Coach Mo Sweet Spot
Engage Pickleball Encore GP
Engage Pickleball Encore Max
Engage Pickleball Encore XL
Engage Pickleball Raven Wide Body
Gamma Atomic
Gamma Fusion
Gamma Ion
Gamma Micron
Gamma Mirage
Gamma Voltage
Head Extreme Elite
Head Radical Pro L
Manta Pro-Team
Manta Stingray
Manta Tornado F5 & Manta Ray Nomex Core
Onix Sports Phantom Widebody
Onix Sports/S-Type Core 2 Composite
Onix Sports/S-Type Storm
Onix Sports/S-Type Storm Graphite
Onix Sports/S-Type Stryker Graphite
Paddletek Warp 9
Pickleball Depot Victory CF3

Pickle-Ball Inc. Champion (Fiberglass-Aluminum)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Champion (Graphite-Nomex)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Champion Aluminum
Pickle-Ball Inc. Champion Graphite
Pickle-Ball Inc. Elite (Graphite - New Paper Core)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Legacy
Pickle-Ball Inc. Revolution (Graphite - Nomex)
Pickle-Ball Inc. Tracer
Pickle-Ball Inc. Vortex 2.0
Pickleball Now Classic Lite II (2013 model with edge guard)
Pickleball Now Competition
Pickleball Now XL Carbon
Pickleball Now XL Lite
PickleballPaddlesPlus Hyper Lite
PicklePaddles Plus Nexus Carbon
PicklePro Classic
POP 4.0 Touch
POP 5.0 Touch
POP 7.5 Dual Touch
POP E-glass /HC
POP Graphite Tear Honeycomb
Pro-Lite Sports Aero-D Graphite
Pro-Lite Sports Blaster 2 Alloy
Pro-Lite Sports Classic
Pro-Lite Sports Graphite Blaster
Pro-Lite Sports Impact

Pro-Lite Sports Magnum Composite
Pro-Lite Sports Magnum Graphite (Used)
Selkirk Sport 200AL
Selkirk Sport 200AXL
Viking Re-Ignite
Viking Re-Ignite Lite
Viking Synergy
WhipperSnapper Light