Arizona Traditions Pickleball Club

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Rules & Guidelines of Play

​​Purpose: The following rules and guidelines are meant to assist the AZT Pickleball Club, which is “to provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for all AZT residents, visitors and guests.”  (Article II- Purpose, of the AZT Pickleball Club Bylaws)

Court Schedule for Pickleball Club Members: Scheduled court time for club members will change twice during the year. We will have a Fall and Summer Schedule. The current court schedule is posted at the courts and available to view on this website. Click on Play Schedule Calendars under the Schedules tab.

Reserving Courts for Pickleball Club:  Reserving courts will also be found under the heading "Schedules".  A "Hold My Court" link is there to take you into the reservation schedule. You will be asked to setup a password when you first sign in to reserve.

Pickleball Court Rules:

  • No Street Shoes on Courts
  • WARNING: Eye Protection Recommended
  • No chairs on Courts
  • No Animals on Courts
  • No Beverages on Courts
  • No smoking around the Courts

Additional Rules and Guidelines:  

1.  Visitors and Guests:

  • A. Follow the AZT HOA/Charter guidelines regarding visitors and guests.
  • B. Court 6 is open to residents, visitors and guests during posted club time.
  • C. Scheduled Club Activities take priority over open play.

2.  Summer Guests and Visitors: During the summer months of May, June, July, August and September, pickleball clubs/groups from neighboring communities may be invited at the discretion of the Board to play during club time.

3. Please Pick-up After Yourself:  Throw away your own coffee cups, empty water bottles, wrappers, etc., or take them home when you leave the court area.

4.  Court Conduct: good sportsmanship should be adhered to at all times, as well as, refraining from the use of bad language.

5:  Court Shoes/Attire: only non-marking gym shoes or court shoes are to be used on the courts (street shoes are prohibited). Proper court attire is required at all times.

6.  Children and Youth – all children and youth are to be accompanied by an adult while using the courts.  

7. Training Classes: Training Classes are held as scheduled at no charge to beginners.  Paddles and balls will be available for Training Class only. See stuff/instruction. 

8. Paddles and Balls:  Official paddles and balls are to be used at all times on the pickleball courts.  Balls are provided by the AZT Pickleball Club during club time.