Ladders are scheduled to start each season the first week in January. 

Playtime is 11:00 to 1:00.

At the beginning of each season players will be placed on the ladder in order of the percentage they have earned in the prior year.  New ladder players do not have a percentage and are placed below the percentage players.

Ladder play consists of 3 matches.  The match is played until one team reaches 15 points.  You do not have to win by 2 points.  You will play one match with each person assigned to your court.  The court assignment is based on your position in the standings.  The standings are calculated by the ladder software and are based on your scores each week.  
The schedule for all ladders will be posted every Friday for the following week.

Score cards will be available on each court.  Please leave the scorecards in the appropriate container by court 1.

If you cannot play the coming week you must email the ladder coordinator before the schedule is posted.  You will not be included on the schedule for that week.  You may also email the coordinator ahead of time if you know you will not be available on future dates.  If you find you cannot play after the schedule is posted it will be your responsibility to find a sub.

If there are more players than available slots you may receive a BYE for that week. A BYE means you have not been scheduled but are available to play if someone is looking for a sub.  The BYE’s will be assigned to all players and noted on your record. BYE’S are given in order starting from the bottom of the ladder.