The SIMON Pickleball Machine is an innovative ball feeder. This machine has the ability to throw pickleballs over the net at a player for up to 2 hours. Players can return quick 30 mile per hour drives, chase down a lob 10 mile per hour dink shot, or choose any speed in between. The angle at which the balls come from is also customizable simply by moving the machine to other places on the court and by turning it so the mouth faces other locations.  It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can keep playing for 2 hours when fully charged. SIMON holds up to 70 balls, and if the included funnel accessory is attached, 160 balls can be stowed away.


  • Club Members only.
  • Players are required to take a training session before using SIMON.
  • SIMON is used for Skill Drills and Beginners Classes.
  • For personal use it is recommended you reserve a court. (outside club time)
  • There are ball caddies for use with SIMON.​
  • Contact the board members or instructors for access to SIMON.


​​Check out this You Tube Video of Simon ..........

"Simon" The Ball Machine